At long-ass last, it’s happening. It’s really, really happening. Lin-Manuel Miranda is guest starring on an upcoming episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. React accordingly.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Coming To ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ & His Role Is Perfect

Miranda has been one of the more prominent fans of the series, and was a leading voice shouting from the heavens when FOX summarily cancelled the series in May last year, in what turned out to be one of the all-time great boneheaded network decisions.

Following its renewal at the much nicer NBC, it seemed a mere matter of time before Miranda would take his rightful place in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine universe. And thank the good lord, that long wait is almost over.

Miranda is set to guest star in an upcoming episode entitled The Golden Child, which is set to air on March 7th (US time).

Consider the next little bit a mild spoiler, so if you don’t want to know the score, look away now.

According to reports, Miranda will play Amy Santiago‘s brother, David Santiago. Which is a frankly genius bit of casting.

Better still, David Santiago is not only Amy’s brother, but her chief rival as well, which explains a fair bit to be honest.

So for those of you playing along at home, the Santiago family is being portrayed by Melissa FumeroJimmy SmitsBertila Damas, and now Lin-Manuel Miranda.

That’s a fair old gene pool if ever there was one.

You can catch every new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine go up on SBS On-Demand right after they go to air in the US.

Image: Twitter / The Lonely Island