Gina Linetti Just Said Goodbye To ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ & Fans Are Not Coping

It doesn’t air in Australia until later today so we’ll keep this spoiler free for now. But today is a dark day indeed, due to it being the air date of the last Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode to feature human sunbeam Chelsea Peretti aka Gina Linetti. React accordingly.

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Peretti’s exit from the series has been known for quite some time, and the show set up Gina’s exit last week via a particularly touching moment between old friends Linetti and Peralta.

Today’s episode saw Gina farewell the Nine Nine via means that we absolutely will not write about here because we’re not even keen to spoil it for ourselves.

Peretti herself began the day with a trademark touching piece of sentimentality.

From there, the cast and crew of the show began saying their farewells on social media as the US broadcast drew nearer.

But once the episode aired on the US east coast, the fans took over, simply unable to contain their bubbling-over emotion for one of Brooklyn’s absolute finest.

Naturally, but, it was Peretti herself who took all the adoration and celebration coming her way and spun it into a shimmering, golden ball of pure energy and love.

Firstly before the episode aired…

(put that on shirts and sell it immediately, tbh)

…and afterwards.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chelsea Peretti has left the 99.

That’s the bad news.

The significantly better news is that Peretti is already back on set shooting scenes for upcoming episodes, albeit in a significantly reduced capacity.

Gina Linetti is forever, folks. No doubt about it whatsoever.