Lin-Manuel Miranda Says Being On ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Is A “Dream Come True”

Lin-Manuel Miranda

In some holy Friday news, Lin-Manuel Miranda just made his guest appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And, according to the fans, he aced it – not that we’re surprised.

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Miranda starred as Amy Santiago‘s (Melissa Fumero) brother and chief rival, David Santiago, in an episode titled Golden Child. 

On Twitter, Miranda said the entire experience was a “dream come true.” 

“I’ve been a fan of this show since season one. I kind of feel like I won a contest and they’re putting this on for me and it’s never actually going to air. It was just sort of for my benefit and if that’s all it is, I really appreciate it.” 

Last year, when FOX decided to cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Miranda was a prominent voice in the campaign to have the show renewed elsewhere.

Yes, Miranda’s Twitter profile picture is of himself and Fumero. That’s how much he loves the show.

Anywho, after last week’s emotional and intense episode – He Said, She Said – inspired by the #MeToo movement, this week’s is said to have been a big ol’ goofy laugh.

Miranda also shared some quality pics from his time on set, including this one.

And these.

Ahead of the episode’s premiere, Fumero posted a sweet picture of her on-screen brother. She teased, “A lot about Amy’s personality will make more sense after tonight’s episode.”

Simply perfect casting.

If you haven’t watched Golden Child yet then do not – we repeat, DO NOT – go to Miranda’s Twitter page. It is chockablock full of spoilers.

You can catch Brooklyn Nine-Nine season six on SBS On Demand.