Gaze Upon The Nerdy Celebrity Group Chat Dedicated To ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are continuing to celebrate the survival of their beloved sitcom in feverish group chats across the world, and celebrity supporters are doing no differently.

A ragtag bunch of bona fide Hollywood types, including Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro, Lord Of The Rings and Stranger Things star Sean Astin, Seth Myers, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Mark Hamill, are now members of a singular joyous chat dedicated to the revived cop comedy.

Miranda revealed the existence of the group chat on Monday, after each of those esteemed fellas expressed their dismay at the show’s cancellation by Fox.

This morning, he revealed that Myers actually had a chance to meet up with his former Saturday Night Live colleague and Nine-Nine star Andy Samberg, resulting in this cheery shot:

That interaction continued to spill onto Twitter as Hamill posted his own little response:

The Star Wars alum also shared another fan’s interpretation of their unexpected team-up:

All in all, the chat proves that even multi-millionaires with crucial roles in era-defining series can still nerd out over a fun piece of television comedy.

We’ll keep you posted if any more messages spill out of the group chat. Now that Nine-Nine has been revived by NBC, we’re just keen to see if del Toro does end up directing the show’s upcoming Halloween episode.