Josh Thomas, the Australian comedian whose wonderful brain cooked up Please Like Me, is officially coming back to television screens with a brand new show.

Variety reports Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, a ten-part sitcom created by and starring Thomas, has received a series order from American cable network Freeform.

The show puts Thomas in the role of Nicholas, a 25-year-old dude who still lives at home with his dad and two half-sisters, one of whom lives with autism. Thing get a bit dicey when Nicholas’ dad is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and Nicholas has to, you know, convince his family and himself that everything’s gonna be okay.

Thomas’ new project already seems echo Please Like Me, inasmuch as Thomas loves eking humour and poignancy from the mundane. Joining him on that quest will be actors Kayla Cromer, Maeve Press and Adam Faison. 

“I love the characters in this show, and I love how our cast depicts them — they are funny and kind and fascinating,” Thomas said about the new project.

No word on whether beloved pup John will make a reappearance.

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Home is where the John is.

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Old mate has already expressed his excitement at the news, telling his Twitter following “I wish I could show everyone the pilot RIGHT NOW”. 

The news comes amid growing appreciation for Please Like Me in the States. Just last month, The New Yorker’s television critic Emily Nussbaum wrote Please Like Me is “a gorgeously made, psychologically observant comedy that lets vulnerable people own their jokes.” 

There’s no premiere date for Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, but it can’t really come soon enough.

Source: Variety
Image: Vince Bucci / AAP Images