Oooh Shit, One Of Yr Fave Bachie Villains Allegedly Tries To Leave This Week

zoe clare bachie leaves

It looks like it’s set to be a wild week in the Bachie mansion with rumours already swirling that villain Zoe-Clare tries to walk out of the show.

According to the tea-spilling podcast So Dramatic! Zoe-Clare reportedly gets fed up with the bitchiness of this season and tries to walk out of the show.

Considering that fans have already commented on how bitchy this season of the show is, it doesn’t seem entirely out of the realm of possibilities that a contestant would want to leave, especially considering Zoe-Clare’s start to the season.

If the tea is to be believed, Zoe Clare allegedly is sick of Juliette’s actions in the show.

“Juliette tries to drag Zoe-Clare into the drama and she says to her ‘don’t you dare try and play that game and shit talk about me,’” the podcast revealed.

After her initial run in with Juliette, Zoe-Clare reportedly tries to have alone time with Locky but is cut off by her, sparking what looks like it’s about to be Bachie WW3.

Basically, the rumours suggest that Zoe-Clare threatens to leave if Juliette is given a rose at the cocktail party.

According to So Dramatic!, we can expect to see our beloved red-head representation storm out of cocktail party, where she’s followed by Locky (who begs her to stay) but she tells him that she’s done with the show.

But it’ll be interesting to see how the ordeal plays out on-screen because sources tell So Dramatic! that producers allegedly asked her to go to the rose ceremony anyway, where it is filmed as if she wasn’t given a rose.

Obviously, it’s all just speculation at this stage and we’ll likely never know the truth behind why she leaves the show, but it looks like our time is fleeting with our favourite fiery red head.

Considering we’ve already revealed who Locky’s top five are, the tea looks like it’ll be pretty lukewarm for the next few weeks as the rest of the girls are quickly yeeted out of the competition.