We’re just two weeks into this season of The Bachelor and fans are already over the excessive bitchiness and drama.

Reality television, particularly the dating show variety, relies on drama for views, but even the biggest drama fiends are getting a little over the bitchiness in Locky Gilbert’s season.

From as early as episode two of our beloved Bachie, we’ve witnessed extreme jealousy, bitchiness and drama that usually doesn’t rear its ugly head until at least half way through the season. And honestly, it’s kinda overpowering the actual goal here – finding love.

Perhaps it’s because the producers are trying to squeeze in as many fights as possible before lockdown wreaks havoc on the season. Or maybe it’s because we all secretly know Locky isn’t actually ready to settle down, but either way, fans are 100% over it.

We all love a good villain but Locky’s season is devoid of joy and is just way too catty to actually be enjoyable. I mean, If they’re going to give us this much bitchiness, at least sprinkle in a little romance to keep us interested.

Is Locky’s season the moment when we finally acknowledge how wild it is that the girls are jealous after one episode? I’m calling bullshit on this.

For the love of god, make it stop.

Now, I love a good Bachie bitch fight as much as the next guy, but this season has taken it to a truly unbearable level of drama that is borderline unenjoyable for viewers.

But unfortunately for fans, the drama doesn’t look like it’s going to calm down any time soon because there are already reports that we’re copping six (SIX!!!) villains this season, which is basically code for “it’s going to be a drama-filled shit show all season long.”

According to So DramaticJuliette, Caitlyn, Areeba, Zoe Clare, Laura and Roxy are all set to be season villains. So basically, even if Zoe Clare and Areeba get the boot in the next few episodes, the drama is still going to be red-hot for the foreseeable future.

Buckle up, Bachie fans because it’s going to be a loooonnngggg road ahead.

The Bachelor (and its drama-filled madness) returns to our screens tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

Image: Network 10 / The Bachelor