The New Bachie Promo Shows Boner-Killing Footage Of Locky Going On Lockdown Zoom Dates

bachelor zoom dates

We’re finally getting our first tastes at Locky’s season of The Bachelor as Bachie In Paradise wraps up for the year and uhh, what the hell was that Zoom date?

Eagle-eyed Bachie fans may have noticed the promo, that ran during tonight’s episode of Bachie In Paradise. But can we please take a moment to talk about virtual dating with like 20 other girls?

It just looks… weird.

Throughout the promo we copped a lot at life in the mansion, which seemed like your normal reality TV drama. You know, first impressions, adventurous dates, drama, the usual. But it also gave us a sneak peek at what our first iso-Bachie will look like.

“We have to stop production. We can’t keep everybody safe. You’re going to have to say goodbye to all of them tonight,” Osher says in the jaw-dropping promo.

Understandably, Locky and the girls are all shooketh (ahh, remember what it was like to be surprised by this coronavirus madness?), but they pack their bags and skedaddle on out of the mansion as per Osher’s request.

But just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder…. Boom. Zoom dates.

No, not just *any* old Zoom date. We’re talking bath time Zoom dates, virtual cocktail parties and fighting for love through your 13″ MacBook screen.

By the looks of the promo, the Zoom dates are just a portion of the whole season. But won’t it be fun to watch our favourite Bachie stars living that quarantine life while we do? What a blast.

Locky’s season of The Bachelor kicks off at 7.30AEST Wednesday, August 12 on Channel 10. I’d say mark your calendars, but let’s be real here, we’re not doing anything else interesting this year.