Your Boy Karl Stefanovic Bagged Himself A Role In The New Independence Day Film

Though we’ve already known for years that he belongs rightfully in the upper pantheon of Australian media – the Mount Rushmore, if you will. Your boy and our own Karl Stefanovic is set to begin an unprecedented assault on Hollywood that shall clearly take him from local darling to global megastar.

It’s a mere formality, realistically.
And his first step to conquering the world comes in the form of a cheeky little role he’s gone and scored for himself in the upcoming Independence Day sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence.
Yes, you read that right. The sneaky legend somehow managed to find time in his busy schedule last week to duck across the Pacific, heading to the Albuquerque, New Mexico set of the film where he shot a short part in Roland Emmerich‘s new excuse to blow up important buildings.
According to the man himself, who we spoke to with giddy glee to try and pry any information about the movie at all from him, he’ll be playing a small role as an International journalist at the White House who speaks with the President (to be played by Sela Ward) during the renewed alien invasion – 20 years after the initial one took place in 1996.

“It’s true. I play the role of an international reporter at the White House during an Alien invasion. Big stretch. One line. May or may not make the cut. I went for the role of Will Smith but [it] wasn’t believable.”

Never one to be content with mere resting laurels, Karlos expressed his desire to further his acting career upon the film’s release – capitalising on what acting agents call “heat.”

“I’m hoping this role will springboard me into Home and Away. Or something dramatic like the remake of Broadcast News.”

And as for how challenging the role was on his craft, which he has been honing in secret for many a year?

“Playing a real life journo would test my acting chops.”

Atta bloody boy, Karlos! You give them Alien sumbitches what for!

Expect to see Karl steal the show when Independence Day: Resurgence hits screens in June of next year.