Karl Stefanovic Probed: Was Same-Suit Test A Cover For 12-Month Bender?

He might be absent from his usual seat on The Today Show for the time being, whilst his somewhat prickly contract negotiations with Channel Nine continue, but that doesn’t for a second mean that your boy Karl Stefanovic has to be absent from Australian TV full stop, no siree.

Charlie Pickering‘s debut year on the ABC with his show The Weekly aired its year-in-review special The Yearly last night, and with it came the final 2016 edition of Tom Gleeson‘s Hard Chat segment.
Gleeson sat down with Stefanovic to cut to the core on a number of hard-hitting issues, such as Karlos’ inferiority complex when it comes to the rivalry between himself and brother Pete “Pedro” Stefanovic, the rumour that his year-long same-suit gender experiment was – in actual fact – just a cover to hide the evidence of a year-long bender, and the hot button topic that has dominated Australian media for decades: good lord Richard Wilkins has a bloody big bonce.

Other highlights: That incredible sick burn on The Verdict, and the delicate tip-toeing around the subject of Mark Latham; done with the voice of a man who is truly terrified of having half his house torn down by a bulldozer in the middle of the night by a certain former Labor leader/current actual crazy person.
You keep doing you, Karlos. And that contract-negotiation-hiatus scruff you’re cultivating? Into it.
Source: The Yearly.