Your Boy Bangs Returns Fire At Jimmy Fallon With Blistering Diss Track

It might be summer in New York City right now, but for Jimmy Fallon it might as well be Christmas lunch – because he just got dished up a roast.

Late last week the Tonight Show host had the nerve to take pot shots at Australian rap icon Your Boy Bangs and his classic track “Take U 2 Da Movies.” The track was featured in a segment called “Do Not Play,” wherein the oft-guffawing host merely played songs he, in all his nearing middle-aged wisdom, deemed to be unworthy, unlistenable, or otherwise “a bit wack.” Fallon played the tracks, made “hurrhhhh?” faces, and laughed. That was the entire premise of the bit.
And if Fallon thought he could get away with it – simply speak ill of Bangs and move on – he has been proven wrong today in the most spectacular fashion possible.
Bangs – the South Sudanese-born, Melbourne-based artist – has fired back in what is inarguably the hottest, most blistering, searing diss track you’re likely to hear this week.
Spitting hot fire on a remixed rendition of his original “Movies” hit, Bangs questions how Fallon can even be taken remotely seriously as a host when he can’t even take care of his own hands – as valid a point as there ever has been. And that Bangs should sue Fallon for using his song on the show, but assuring Jimmy that he will not do that because his broken hands are far too gross.
Bangs’ message? Do not watch Jimmy Fallon’s show.

If you can somehow manage to pick yourself up off the canvas after that thunderous haymaker, Jimmy, we believe it’s your move.