Yr Boy Bangs Is Celebrating 10 Glorious Years Of ‘Take U To Da Movies’

A decade might be a long time in music, but in the grand pantheon of Australian performers, few have had the longevity of Yr Boy Bangs, and few tracks have had the staying power of his iconic, breakthrough hit Take U To Da Movies, which unbelievably, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this month.

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Bangs himself took to social media overnight to pay homage to his first – and to this day biggest – hit, which was originally uploaded in June of 2009.


A cultural touchstone in Australian music, Take U To Da Movies has travelled far and wide, even going so far as to galvanise an entire nation when Jimmy Fallon had the audacity to drag it during a 2015 episode of The Tonight Show.

Despite that setback, Bangs went on to enjoy a long and fruitful career, one built largely on the back of the iconic jam, before briefly retiring from music in late 2015 to focus on a burgeoning career in app development.

However in recent months Bangs has returned to the music world, releasing two new singles – Take U To KFC and Christmas Story Part V – in the last six months.

But it’s the original, and best, tune that we celebrate here today. 10 years of getting you popcorn. 10 years of making sure you don’t fall after stepping through the door. 10 years of everyone being Yr Baby Boy Bangs’ very own Cinderella.

It still slaps just as hard as it did when it was released. Maybe even harder.

Like a fine wine, this absolute tune.

10th anniversary vinyl re-release when.