Jimmy Fallon Fires Shots At Your Baby Boy Bangs

Real talk – we’ve historically been proud ticket carrying passengers on the Jimmy Fallon express, practically ever since he took over from Conan O’Brien at NBC and began his assault on late night. In fact, you know what? We’ve been plonked firmly in the front row seats of that particular train. And it’s been a damned good ride thus far. A damned good ride.

But right now, as far as we’re concerned, Jimmy Fallon just became Public Enemy Number One in this country.
Because on yesterday’s edition of The Tonight Show, Fallon had the temerity, the audacity, the sheer BALLS to besmirch a man who in this fine country of ours should be considered a National Treasure.
And it wasn’t like it was a back-and-forth debate, this was a bald-faced, unprompted cheap shot made by a man who has now possibly gotten too big for his britches.
My friends, Jimmy Fallon on his globally broadcasted Tonight Show, took a pot shot…
…at your baby boy Bangs.

Yes, Jimmy. Bangs is a real person. A man who grew up in unbelievable hardship in South Sudan. Who struggled through a war-torn upbringing and bravely escaped to Australia to seek a better life. A better life where he could be free to express himself creatively. Expression that didn’t preach messages of hate, or war, or lamented on the past. Bangs’ message was simple and universal and so very much in the now. He just wanted to take you to the movies. That’s all.
Because Bangs knows that all anyone wants to do is have a nice day – and going to the movies with a rad dude who’ll shout you popcorn and knows what else you like? That’s a surefire sign of a bloody good time.
Bangs has sold out clubs across Australia. He’s performed in headline slots at Festivals. He’s shared the stage with Australian hip hop royalty. He is a national hero, Jimmy. A hero!
So the next time you say his name you say it with some goddamned reverence, because Bangs has earned that much.
Jimmy pls.