Kirin J Callinan Fires Back After Jimmy Fallon Hangs Shit On Barnesy

Like the good brother Bangs before him, the mark of any good meme tune is having Jimmy Fallon mug to the camera while he tries to pretend he understands what his ears are listening to. And in that illustrious category started by ‘Take U To Da Movies,’ Kirin J Callinan and Jimmy Barnes now sit.

Fallon’s return to The Tonight Show yesterday came with it the return of recurring segment Do Not Play, in which Fallon plays fundamentally weird tunes mined from the depths of the internet while screwing his nose up like a sniffer dog in a fart factory.

Fallon, for whatever reason, decided to pick on Callinan’s collaboration with Barnesy ‘Big Enough,’ the country-dance-weirdo number that spawned a thousand memes with its mythical old man screaming in the mountains aesthetic.

Make fun of Callinan all you want – his whole schtick is designed to provoke any sort of strong reaction, after all – but you do not, YOU DO NOT, make fun of Jimmy By-God Barnes.

You don’t hang shit on Barnesy. No matter what the circumstance. No matter the setting. He is Barnesy. He is sacred.

In response to this clear and egregious slight, Callinan returned serve on Instagram earlier today, in a hashtag-laden rant that reads like he’s plugged his keyboard into a reverb pedal cranked to kingdom come.

Beloved Mr. Fallon. Do I detect an air of cynicism? An ounce of ignorance? A shroud of idiocy &/or a complete lack of conceptual & cultural understanding? Show some dog gamn respect.

Whilst it might be fun to sit on your TV throne in the land of make-believe and believe you can b’little the little fella, truth is you’ve mess made a mockery of me, more shown your inexcusable ignorance and, in the process, insulted a nation.

This won’t be the last you hear from the unrelenting blizzard that is the ice cold wrath of the land down under. Winter is coming.

From here, there are but two possible outcomes: Callinan follows in Bangs’ footsteps and drops a blistering Fallon-diss track, or Barnesy winds up standing in with The Roots as they belt out Working Class Man on The Tonight Show.

Pretty bloody here for either of ’em, TBH.