There’s always something absolutely golden about finding out something you thought was a universal truth is actually some ridiculous bullshit your parents and family created, and the tradition stuck. Like calling the microwave a ‘zapper’ and the blender a ‘wazzer’, shit you don’t realise isn’t a common occurrence, and just your family fucking around for time eternal. Well, get ready for the motherload, because people have been sharing their own family traditions online.

Sparked by my favourite online human Nicole Cliffe, people all over the shop have shared things their family have done their whole lives that are unconventional traditions, but they just assumed for years that everyone else did it.

And, as you’d expect, some of them are just straight-up cooked.

My God, I love this.

Actually, a lot of them pertained to weird-ass Christmas traditions their family held.

Some of the family traditions are very obviously the product of incredible parenting.

And dads being, well, massive dads.

I feel this. I feel this deep in my soul.

And I truly wish I grew up in this house specifically.

Other family traditions are more wholesome, like what PEDESTRIAN.TV Deputy Editor Alex Bruce-Smith grew up with.

And me? Well, it took me a long time to realise not everyone had a silent half-hour every night for mum’s stories.

Normal stuff. Normal, normal stuff.

Image: Stan / The Castle