U.S. President Donald Trump somehow made it to November without being impeached or stoking a nuclear war, meaning the First Family was entrusted with one of America’s most sacred traditions: the White House Halloween party.

And now we know the bloke doesn’t like dinosaurs.

A couple of days after he questioned if one of the costumed kids invited to the Oval Office had “weight problems,” Trump and First Lady Melania Trump welcomed a cavalcade of trick-or-treaters.

Video of the event shows the POTUS greeting a bunch of little tykes, before appearing to recoil at the sight of a giant, inflatable T-Rex costume. No handshake, no lollies, nothing.

Seriously, have a look, and judge for yourself if the fella’s body language betrays a pathological fear of extinct reptilians.

Photographers also managed to capture some other spooky sights on the White House lawn. Kids in morph suits posed with the Commander in Chief, providing some imagery that’s just waiting for the meme treatment:

via The Washington Post / Getty


via Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Elsewhere, there was this kind of madly political shit:

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Speaking of, Donald Trump Jr. managed to turn his daughter’s lolly haul into an opportunity to bash the very concept of sharing:

And Eric Trump’s sprog wore a costume bearing the phrase “concealed weapon permit,” conjuring imagery of weaponised infants:

To be entirely honest, we’re more looking forward to the presidential turkey pardon for Thanksgiving: if Trump recoils from a fake dinosaur, just imagine how he’d react to a hulking, feathered bag of sass.

Source: NBC News
Image: The Washington Post / Getty