Sexy Donald Trump Is The Latest Halloween Costume Abomination

If Mean Girls taught us anything, it’s that you can put the word ‘sexy‘ in front of literally any old piece of crap and make it into a viable Halloween costume option. 
Apparently, that even holds true of Donald Trump, who is successfully trolling the race for the Republican ticket as we speak, and may soon be a synthetic red hair’s breadth away from the Oval Office.  
The good people at U.S.-based costume manufacturer Yandy recently revealed their Sexy Donald Trump outfit, which retails for the not entirely inappropriate price of $US 69.95, shipping not included.
The outfit, which is called Donna T. Rumpshaker because of course it is, can be found here, and comes with a “white sleeveless shirt with an attached collar, an attached red tie, a royal blue faux blazer and royal blue booty shorts.”
The wig and ‘Making America Great’ hat, which are kind of vital to the overall look, sell separately for $US 9.95 and $US 7.95. Damn you, Yandy, you capitalist monsters.
Feast your eyes on it below:
(Are we tripping actual balls, or does this model bear a slight resemblance to vintage Rachel Green?)
For a less sexxxy but equally topical Halloween costume idea, you may also consider this ‘Cecil the lion killer’ look
ICYMI, the actual Donald Trump is currently making waves in the Republican debates, and when last we checked, was refusing to say whether he believes Barack Obama was born in the U.S.
via Time
Photo: Supplied / Steve Pope via Getty Images