Teacher Thinks Kanye Blackface Costume Is Solid Idea, Internet Disagrees

It’s the year 2015 and we’ve been having conversations about race and cultural appropriation for a long time now, long enough to know that blackface is not cool, and there are a million and other other damn costumes that you could wear instead, without reopening old wounds or coming across as an insensitive dick. 

That message, for whatever reason, hasn’t sunk in yet, and so here we are again. This year’s award for Dickhead Who Somehow Thought A Blackface Halloween Costume Was Okay, And Got Torn A New One By The Internet goes to Alabama school teacher Heath Morrow, for his Kanye West 2020 look. 
The picture went viral after Morrow’s wife, seen next to him as Kim Kardashian, posted it on Reddit “Haha some people thought Heath was really a black man.”
The internet came down hard and fast, and Morrow has since issued an official apology for his “error in judgement”, saying that his only aim was to dress up as a celebrity, and he had no malicious intentions.

Dude should have just gone as Sexy Donald Trump or something instead.

via Elite Daily