French Football Star Deletes Blackface Instagram After Calling It A “Tribute”

Rising football superstar Antoine Griezmann has apologised for donning head-to-toe blackface for a holiday party costume, telling followers he’s sorry for any offence caused.

The Atletico Madrid and France forward had posted a photo of him in a Harlem Globetrotters-esque costume to Twitter and Instagram, complete with afro wig, saying the get-up was for an 80s-themed party.

As you’d expect, the 26-year-old’s image was slammed as being madly offensive for reasons which, quite frankly, we no longer feel the need to reiterate.

However, he initially followed those messages up with a tweet insisting the costume was intended in good faith, and that it was a “tribute.”

Social media users have speculated as to whether Griezmann’s get-up could impact professional relationships within Atletico and the French squad, which fields many players of colour.

It also comes ahead of the 2018 Russia World Cup, which has sparked concerns regarding the safety of some fans. Anti-discrimination group Fare warns that some attendees, specifically queer fans and people of colour, may face abuse in certain parts of the nation.

Just cut it out, tbh.