The Ultimate Guide To Making Christmas Not Shit If It’s Your First Year Spending It Alone

christmas alone

Ahh, Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and is usually spent knocking back a few frothies with your mum and dad and passing out in a food coma at 2pm.

But for many of us this year, Christmas isn’t going to be a family affair. Whether it’s because of COVID fears, work arrangements, or just the fact that travelling across the country is really bloody expensive, thousands of Aussies will be spending the holidays alone this year.

However, that doesn’t mean it has to suck. Sure, it’s not quite the same as drunk-napping in your childhood bed after a few too many margaritas with your mum, but I assure you, Christmas alone can be fun.

So without further ado, here’s PEDESTRIAN.TV’s ultimate guide to making a solo Christmas feel not-shit.

christmas alone

Hang Out With Your Mates:

I’m not sure if this is technically cheating, but 2020 has been shit, and that means you’re probably not the only person spending Christmas away from your family. So, why spend it alone when you can round up all of your family-less friends and have a good ol’ fashioned friendsmas?

If you’ve got friends who work in retail or hospitality, chances are they won’t be jet-setting across the country for Christmas. So why not spend it together, have a couple of beers and a big feast?

Treat Yourself To A Feast:

Whether or not you’ve found some friends to spend the day with, I am of the firm belief that you should *always* treat yourself to a feast, even if you’re alone. At least in my family, food is the biggest part of the day, so making an effort to cook yourself a delicious Christmas lunch is bound to make it slightly less-shit.

If you’re feeling particularly lonely, you can try your hand at the recipes your family usually make for Christmas. Sure, you won’t be eating it together, but you can have a Zoom call and eat your mum’s famous roast pork, even if you had to cook it yourself.

Bust Out The Christmas Movies:

Christmas Eve in my family is traditionally spent with our asses glued to the couch watching our favourite Christmas films. Even if you can’t watch them together as a family, watching The Grinch and Gremlins (it’s the best Christmas movie, don’t @ me) on Christmas Eve is bound to put you in the festive spirit.

And thanks to the pandemic, we’ve now got the miracle that is Netflix Party, so you can virtually sit down with your family and watch it together, even if you’re a few thousand kilometres away.


Not only does volunteering on Christmas make you feel like you’re straight out of one of those holiday rom-coms where you meet the love of your life, but it’s also, you know, good for the world. And let’s be real here, most of us choose to spend Christmas sinking beers in our backyard with our family, rather than helping the less fortunate. So why not make the most of the one year you can’t get home to the family by volunteering?

If you’re looking for places to volunteer, we’ve compiled a list for you here.

Call Your Family:

This sounds like a given, but if you’re going to be alone for the holidays, it’s easy to just sleep the day away or wallow in the misery of being away from your loved ones. It sounds simple enough but pick up the phone and call your family.

No, not just your mum and dad, but everyone. Give your grandma a call, call your second cousins that you barely talk to, even give your weird Uncle Larry a buzz. Not only will it take up a big chunk of your day, but it’ll also put a smile on everyone’s face. AWWW.

Have A Bev (A Nice One):

Another family tradition in my household is cocktails, and honestly, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without a margarita (or that one year my mum made really gross White Russians with too much booze).

Obviously, I’m not encouraging binge drinking, but if you’re the kind of person who enjoys a beveragino or two, treat yourself to something nice on Christmas Day. Maybe it’s a cocktail, or maybe it’s just a nicer bottle of wine than you’d usually drink. It’s Christmas! Treat yourself!

Make Your Own Traditions:

If the thought of trying to mimic family Christmas makes you want to rip your eyeballs out, don’t fret because my lovely colleague Ange offered a suggestion to me that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of: making your own Christmas.

“Make new traditions, eat all the foods your mum would never put on a Christmas table, and relish the “no rules” Christmas,” she said.

This is honestly the perfect advice if you’re scared replicating mum’s Christmas dinner will make you sad (or if you just can’t roast a whole chicken to save your life).