WATCH: ‘The Katering Show’ Gals Came Real Close To A Collab With Katy Perry

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock at the bottom of the Mariana Trench wearing the bubble outfit that Jake Gyllenhaal wore in the film Bubble Boy, you are already well aware that The Katering Show is the funniest piece of cooking related television since Iain “Huey” Hewitson got attacked by that bat (not real, but can you imagine if it was).

The two Kates have just blessed us with a second season and, if you’ve not yet watched it, you need to put down whatever device you’re reading this on, slap yourself in the face, then pick it right back up again and scuttle on over to ABC iView.
If you have watched it, you can skip slapping yourself in the face and instead get your fill from a glorious interview they did on The Project. And maybe then watch both seasons again. Just in case.
The pair discuss dealing with success (with prescription medication yoga), getting to finally work on their own terms and being ghosted by Katy Perry.
Apparently Katy’s management reached out to them to see if they’d be interested in a collab – despite the fact that both of them had only very recently given birth, they said they were very keen to have her on the show but never heard from her again. 
As Kate McCartney explained:
“She ghosted us. Maybe it was, uh… I was very tired, you [Kate McLennan] were on a lot of endone, potentially we made it up.”

We have no way of knowing what the three of them working together would have looked like but we can only assume it would have been goddamn incredible and involved a lot of food-based clothing accessories.
Watch the two Kates in all their beautiful Kateness:

Also in the interview is the announcement that they’ve got American management now – hopefully they don’t forget us when they are very rightfully made squillionaires by Hollywood.
Photo: Facebook.