Oh God Yes, ABC’s The Katering Show’s Second Season Has A Release Date

The best cooking show in the world, ‘The Katering Show’, is finally coming back and gracing our computer screens with a second season. Fkn finally. 
Do you classify yourself as a foodie/are you a real smug bastard? Or are you allergic to everything and need help navigating the widely-confusing world of cooking without accidentally shitting yourself? Great. Kate McClennan and Kate McCartney (Yes, we know their names are similar. Yes, we know that is confusing.) have got you K-O-V-E-R-E-D.
Here’s some delightfully horrendous-sounding adventures they tackle this season:
  • take a Sassy Swipe™ at the over-hyped food trend of Ramen.
  • they take the term “Yummy Mummy” way too literally.
  • they sample a tablet that counteracts lactose intolerance in an episode dubiously cleverly titled ‘It Gets Feta’.
  • they subject themselves and a special guest to the latest weight loss torture regimes of Paleo, Raw Food and The 5:2 Diet.
  • they dedicate an episode to their culinary hero and spirit bosom, Maggie Beer, where they peddle their own noxious version of verjuice.
Jesus. We are terrified/we can’t wait. 

Season two of The Katering Show launches Friday April 15 exclusive to iview. Brace yourself for a food coma…

Posted by ABC iview on Thursday, 31 March 2016

If you can’t wait, please enjoy one of our personal favourite episodes, around the absolute fucking insane concept of ~giving up refined sugar~:
Yes. Yes yes yes. The Katering Show season 2 will be on ABC iView from April 15th. 
Source: ABC