‘The Katering Show’ Posts Update On Status Of Buns In The Oven And S02

Unless you’ve been living under some sort of rock cake (in which case, kudos to you for sticking it out) then it’s entirely likely that you’re around The Katering Show – the beyond genius web series from the brains of comedic legends Kate McLennan and Kate McCarthy.

The series burst onto YouTube back in February and practically immediately exploded in popularity, racking up hundreds of thousands of views in an extremely short space of time.
Though the first season was short lived – it’s now been reasonably dormant for about six months now – with instantaneous success like that, season two seems like an inevitability.
Which it is!
But not for a bit.
Kate & Kate have had a lot on in the past couple of months, having to take the focus off of producing hilarious web-based comedy series and put the focus on to producing hilarious human-based babies instead.
But worry not. Season two is on the way. And they’ve confirmed everything in a quick video update posted today.

Would watch spinoff series featuring Milly as the star, TBH. The kid’s got *it*.
Second season of The Katering Show hitting them internets at some point. Prep thy thermomixes!