WATCH: This Exclusive Clip From ‘The Katering Show’ S2 Drags Paleo Freaks

It’s a beautiful day, people!

The sun is out, the air is fresh, and at long last there’s a brand new season of The Katering Show to go bananas over.
The hugely popular YouTube series has made the jump across to the ABC, and today marks the launch of the show’s second season on iView.
The two Kates – McLennan and McCartney – have dropped all eight episodes of the new season this morning (SERIOUSLY YOU CAN GO WATCH THEM ALL RIGHT NOW), and the massive legends at Aunty have sent us through an exclusive clip for you to wrap yr damned eyes around.
If laughing, having fun, and hanging shit on Pete Motherfucking Evans and his goddamned caveman diet appeal to you, then this is gonna be right up your alley.

WE REPEAT: Season 2 of The Katering Show is out now, in full, on ABC iView.

Source: The Katering Show/ABC iView.