WATCH: The ‘Katering Show’ Legends Return In This 1st Peek At ‘Get Krack!n’

Sure, it’s not the third season of ‘The Katering Show‘ that rightfully should be funded immediately and without delay. But any new comedy from the blessed Kates is a cause for celebration as far as we’re concerned.

McLennan and McCartney are set to make their long-awaited return to the airwaves of Aunty via a brand new, eight-episode series that takes aim squarely at Breakfast TV.

Get Krack!n” is officially set to drop on the ABC by the end of August, and will see the Kates thrust into the world of morning TV on a show they have absolutely no idea how to handle.

Each “morning” will see the hosts “shuffle through a roster of unsafe demonstrations, surly guests, underprepared experts and the over-lit decomposition of the duo’s already rocky relationship. McLennan and McCartney will leave no cultural touchstone unturned, even though they are in no capacity qualified to speak on them, or on anything for that matter.

The network has today dropped the first teaser for the new series, and while it doesn’t let slip much in the way of show information, it does set the tone for a cringey, through-gritted-teeth style trainwreck of a morning show that, frankly, we would like to watch right sodding now thank you very much.

The series is set to premiere on the ABC at 9:30pm on Wednesday, August 30th.

Extremely, extremely keen, y’all!