This Thotty Remake Of WAP In Animal Crossing Has Cleared My Skin And Watered My Island Flowers

Some legend has put in the hard work to recreate the entirety of ‘WAP’ in Animal Crossing and oh my God is it amazing.

Jojo Kim uploaded the video onto YouTube just a few days ago, where she recreated the ‘WAP’ video scene by scene, with a cast of familiar faces appearing at the end as some of the “whores” in the house.

“I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist…” says Kim in the comments.

“Overall took around 4 days to complete and fully customize all the outfits and backgrounds!”

The vid even goes to the extra lengths of adding in Kylie Jenner’s infamous walking scene, and also uses tiger villagers in place of the tigers from the original music video.

Kudos to Kim for blessing us with such thotty content.

There’s just something magical about watching animated Nintendo characters flaunt about the Animal Crossing ‘WAP’ house. Plus the character versions of Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B are just perfect.

If any representative from the ‘WAP’ house is reading this, I am still awaiting my invitation.