A VIC Street Was Forced To Change Its ‘GoT’ Name Due To Incest Complaints

The night may be dark and full of terrors, but local councils are lame and full of jerks.

A new suburb in the regional Victorian city of Geelong has felt the hammer of the fun police after it named all its roads after characters from Game of Thrones. Legit.

The new development at Charlemont Rise has given Westeros-themed names to all its burgeoning streets, with prospective buyers actually able to buy plots of land on places like Lannaster RoadBaelish DriveTywin Street, or Amber Avenue. You can literally raise a House (on) Amber up from the dirt yourself. Peep some of the prospective plans below.

Unfortunately, a neighbouring estate objected to the use of the Lannaster Street name, mostly because they didn’t want a road in their area to be vaguely associated with the concept of siblings banging each other.

Project manager Gary Smith stated that he’s been forced to change the name of Lannaster Street to Precinct Road because of the loose association with Jaime and Cersei Lannister‘s incestuous no pants dances.

They objected to that fact that it had a reference to ­incest  it’s a fictional series. We wanted it for our shopping centre strip because it is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue. Unfortunately, we tried everything we could, we got knocked back by the Office of Geographic Names.

The Office of Geographic Names ruled that the original name was non-compliant with naming rules that state street names must not cause offence to the general public. After the ruling, the City of Greater Geelong voted to rename the road.

The good news is that zero complaints have been made about the other road names, and the development will push ahead with its Seven Kingdoms-flavoured road structure.

Your dream of a grand castle on Winterfell Rd remains alive and well, good folks. Get thee to Geelong.