The Geelong Cats ‘Wacky Wednesday’ Costumes Are Absolutely Everything

A couple of weeks ago we brought you a best of selection from the first batch of AFL clubs ‘Mad Monday‘ celebrations – a time honoured tradition observed by football teams whose seasons have come to an end, wherein they gather at a local establishment, in costume, to drink themselves absolutely stupid in observance of their failed year, and the beginning of their annual leave.

Whilst a lot of clubs did put forth admirable entries, they all pale in comparison to the Geelong Cats, whose Mad Monday – or in this case, Wacky Wednesday – efforts have become legendary over the past decade or so. Put it this way, you won’t find a throng of media waiting outside the doors of the pub to photograph the outfits of many other clubs.
Today’s instalments are no exception to that rule. Observe!
First up, Josh Cowan, Cameron Guthrie, Jordan Murdoch and Mark Blicavs as Jon Snow, Hodor, Daenerys Targaryen and a White Walker from Game of Thrones.
Next, club captain and star midfielder Joel Selwood, dressed as controversial, and now-retired, Richmond Tigers player Jake King, who arrived on the back a Harley Davidson motorbike that was driven by the actual real life Jake King. Applause. So much applause.
Geelong being a quaint sort of place, we even got some local references, with George Burbury and Josh Walker dressed as Geelong mayor Darryn Lyons and his fiancée Elissa Friday.
Nathan Vardy absolutely sssssssssssssMOKIN’ as Jim Carrey‘s character from The Mask.
Defender Corey Enright taking his “solid as a rock” defensive reputation perhaps a little too literally, taking a page out of Bedrock fashion with a Fred Flintstone getup.
This one ought to tickle the funny bone of AFL superfans. Former Brownlow Medalist Jimmy Bartel rocked up in full scuba regalia – dressed as a Diving Instructor. Subtle jokes are often the best jokes.
Harry Taylor temporarily stopped traffic with his pretty bang-on Ned Kelly attire. Though it could also have been a brazen, and extremely clever, thief striking while the iron is hot.
In what’s probably my favourite costume pairing of the day, here’s Cats youngster George Horlin-Smith dressed as Geelong’s VFL coach Matthew Knights, and Geelong’s VFL coach Matthew Knights dressed as Cats youngster George Horlin-Smith. Bravo, lads.
Killing two birds with one stone – and putting it beyond doubt that their season is over – Josh Caddy and Mitch Duncan arrived prepped and ready for the upcoming Summer Music Festival season.
Mitch Brown is kind of a big deal; has many leather-bound books; an apartment that smells of rich mahogany, etc. Always staying classy.
Tom Lonergan cashed in on the Kimye-mania currently sweeping the country, pulling off an oddly alluring homage to the Queen of the Kardashian mountain in Kim, complete with tiny baby North.
James Toohey declaring to the world that he knows the secret herbs and spices, with a fairly solid Colonel Sanders that comes complete with a cheeky, non-club nutritionist approved snack to accompany the ship of beers he’s about to dive into.
And then there’s Billy Smedts – frankly freaking terrifying in this magnificent Jigsaw costume from the Saw movie franchise. *shudders*
Though with all of this said, it wasn’t just the footballers who were having all the fun. The waiting pack of media hanging out at the door of the Lord of the Isles Hotel adjacent to the Cats home ground of Simonds Stadium were also getting in on the action themselves. By far, joke of the day goes to Geelong Advertiser reporter Eliza Sum, for this absolutely classic zinger on the non-costumed Cats senior coach Chris Scott.

Bravo, lads. You might have bombed out of the Finals in spectacular fashion, but your fashion game is absolutely fierce.

All Photos: Scott Barbour via Getty Images.