Geelong May Have Cooked Their Season, But Their Wacky Wednesday Still Rules

Geelong‘s AFL Finals campaign might be over thanks to an absolute drubbing at the hands of Melbourne, but the fun’s only just getting underway thanks to the club’s annual Wacky Wednesday celebrations.

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The club is notable in modern Australian sport for its distinct lack of controversy at the annual gatherings, having somehow figured out a way to hold a costume day where everyone gets shitfaced without players acting like dickheads or arriving in deadshit outfits. Wonders, sometimes, never cease.

That, of course, doesn’t stop them from poking playful fun at recent stories, and in that regard Patrick Dangerfield walks out of today’s pissup with a goddamned Gold Medal after rocking up to proceedings in a Canterbury Bulldogs NRL jersey and absolutely no pants, a reference to the Bulldogs’ widely-panned nude Mad Monday celebrations last week that saw two players – Adam Elliott and Asipeli Fine – wind up being charged with wilful and obscene exposure.

Cop the detail in that getup. One shoe, one thong, hair all over the place, the coffee, the pants clutched in a shameful left-handed grasp. Unbelievable stuff there.

Dangerfield’s teammates weren’t to be outdone, however. The arrivals at the Lord of the Isles tavern were something to behold.

Joel Selwood and Quinton Narkle declared their undying love for each other as the spitting image of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, classic car and all.

Cam Guthrie‘s fairly incredible Post Malone outfit probably went completely over the head of some of the team’s veterans, but was no less unreal.

Esava Ratugolea brokered World Peace as the Dennis Rodman between Donald Trump (played by Scott Selwood) and Kim Jong-un (as portrayed by Brandon Parfitt).

Wylie Buzza, recovering from surgery on his foot, found a creative way to work his crutches into proceedings.

Tom Hawkins and Jackson Thurlow renewed some on-court hostilities between Australia and the Philippines.

Meanwhile the commitment to the bit on Mark Blicavs, recreating an iconic Dua Lipa photo, cannot be denied.

Bloody hell. That is next level.

In amongst all that chaos and visual stimulation, Zach Tuohy appears to have arrived as a well-dressed man in dire need of a Guinness.

Which, frankly, is fair enough.

Unbelievable how seemingly easy it is for a footy team to have a costume-themed pissup without completely cocking it up.