Even Channel Nine Didn’t Expect Melbourne To Beat Geelong, Celebrated Cats Win

Melbourne might well be a team on the rise in this year’s AFL season, and the mighty Geelong might well be starting to lose some of their lustre after spending the better part of the past decade as the competition powerhouse.
But even the most learned of pundits didn’t give the Demons a snowball’s chance in hell of heading down the Princes Freeway to the Cats fearsome home of Kardinia Park and coming away with a positive result. After all, the Demons hadn’t beaten the Cats in nine years, which included the infamous clash at Simonds Stadium in 2011 in which the Cats annihilated the Demons by 186 points, sending the entire Melbourne Football Club into a two year tail spin.
Hell, even Channel Nine News in Melbourne thought the result of the game was a mere forgone conclusion – so much so that they simply didn’t feel the need to watch it, and went with the obvious decision of running an on-screen banner headline that extolled the Cats inevitable win, celebrating star veteran Corey Enright‘s 300th game.

‘Course the only problem with that is that a couple of hours earlier Melbourne had rightly marched down the road, into the Cattery, and stunned everyone by toppling Geelong – running out 24 point winners (18.5 113 to 13.11 89) in what was a highly improbable victory.

Genuine error? A genius pisstake? Or the blind refusal of truth by a Nine staffer whose tipping got thrown well and truly into the toilet this week?
Whatever the case, Live TV really is an unforgiving so-and-so.
Photo via Twitter.