Vanessa Amorosi Has Accused Her Mother Of Taking Over Her Finances Early In Her Career

Australian pop sensation Vanessa Amorosi is suing her mother, alleging she’d taken over all of her finances at the beginning of her career.

As reported by 9News, the “Absolutely Everybody” singer is suing her mother, Joyleen Robinson, in the Victorian Supreme Court for full ownership of her two properties — one located in Narre Warren Melbourne, and a second in California — which, Amorosi claims, she bought as a result of her success. Robinson denies all claims and allegations made by her daughter.

On Thursday, Amorosi presented evidence to the court and tearfully claimed that her mother told her “not to trust anyone but her with her finances”, as per the publication.

“She was very fearful of people wanting to steal the money,” Amorosi told the court.

It is reported that Robinson began a trust fund for Amorosi’s income, which funnelled money from the singer’s sales, royalties and touring.

Amorosi claimed that her mother bought the Narree Warren property in 2001 before she saw it herself. About $650,000 from the trust were used for that home, and Robinson had put her name down as a joint-owner.

“When I first saw the house, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t want a massive house like that,” Amorosi told the court, as per 9News.

Amorosi then reportedly bought a second home in 2005, this time in Officer, Victoria, using another trust that she claimed to be created by her mother to control her income.

The singer then claimed that she had to take a loan despite all the money she was making. She also admitted to the court that she never looked for financial advice before signing any mortgages or guarantees with the bank, telling the court she instead signed documents that her mother gave her.

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After this, Amorosi moved to California to pursue career opportunities and to be with her partner. She used her Narre Waarren and Officer properties — as well as two residential units — to nab a loan for her house.

She told the court that she was going to sell the Officer property and the units to put a mortgage down on her home, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Therefore she had to sell her Californian property in 2014.

As she was selling her Californian home in 2014, Amorosi told the court she confronted her mother about the missing money. Robinson then accused her daughter of spending all of her income.

“I couldn’t get the answers to what had really gone down and why I was losing my house,” she said, as per

“I asked her to show me where the money had gone. [She said] I spent it all, I should come home and get back to touring… It turned into a bit of a standoff and there was a lot of confusion.

“Asking that question to my mum made my siblings very angry — it started a war between the family.”

The Aussie pop sensation claimed that her choice to take legal action against her mother was a result of the 2014 confrontation.

The case is continuing and Robinson is exepcted to give evidence in support of her defence to the claim.

The case is continuing.

Image Source: Getty Images / Graham Denholm – CA