Montaigne Is Coming Back For Eurovision 2021 To Reclaim Rightful Place In The Spotlight

With the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 meaning that we won’t see the huge song contest this year for the first time in 64 years, it’s been revealed this morning that Montaigne will still get her shot at taking out the competition when it returns in 2021.

After she won Australia Decides back in February, beating out the likes of Vanessa AmorosiDidirri, Jack Vidgen and Casey Donovan, Montaigne was all prepped to go to Rotterdam in May to belt it out against all the other countries, until it was unfortunately cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.

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The news has come as a surprise and a delight for Montaigne, who sees this as something that was in her fortune, as foretold by a delicious cookie (they’re never wrong.)

“I’m so happy to receive this good news during such times,” she said.

At home, we’ve started this ritual of cracking open a fortune cookie daily and reading our fortunes to each other and I got one that read, “You will be sharing great news with all the people you love.” I’m so glad it came true!”

Her dreams of representing Australia on the world stage haven’t been shattered completely, now that she’s been pinned to head to the 2021 world event. She joins the 2020 entrants from Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine picked to represent at Eurovision next year.

But there’s one very little, teeny tiny issue – she can’t perform the track she had been preparing for the 2020 event.

The Eurovision committee/gods (?) have said that those countries that are putting up their 2020 entrants for next year’s competition can’t do their chosen 2020 performance, as they won’t be eligible.

I guess it’s probably good that Montaigne is in isolation like the rest of us for a good while this year, because she can now spend all that extra time working on a new song for the 2021 Eurovision competition.

Back home, SBS is trying to figure out what to do over the competition weekend, and the Eurovision organisers are reportedly looking into developing an alternative to the canned 2020 comp, which will highlight and showcase the 2020 entrants, but apparently not be an actual scored competition.