Twitter Could Not Cope With Tonight’s Baffling Meltdown On ‘The Bachelor’

During a regular episode of ‘Bachie’, lots of things are revealed. Things like exactly how many drinks it takes someone to forget what shame is and read a poem they’ve written out loud on television. But in tonight’s episode, some actual legitimate behind the scenes stuff was revealed to the audience. UnReal.

It all kicked off at a cocktail party when one of the contestants named Sian, who I cannot remember ever seeing before in my life, got progressively antsier as the night went on and Matty J had not shown interest in her. As the evening began to wind down, Sian wound UP, and broke down crying while wandering the property trying to avoid the (many, many) cameras. At one point she sought refuge in the bathroom, and told producers (who appeared on screen, reveal!) that she didn’t like Matty, that she didn’t care, and that she wanted to leave the show. At this point she was given time with Matty by herself, and she told him she wanted to leave. He said he completely understood her decision to leave, at which point she then decided to stay. Confused? So was Twitter.

On top of THAT drama, once Sian decided to stay and the rose ceremony began, Channel 10, those sneaky devils, decided it would be the best time to drop in a TO BE CONTINUED. People were not pleased.

You’ll definitely tune in next ep though, won’t you?