Ousted ‘Bachie’ Hopeful Sian Blames Producers For Her Tearful Meltdown

The Bachelor contestant in the middle of this week’s major cliffhanger has slammed the producers in an interview with Women’s Day.

Sian Kelly was reduced to tears on Tuesday night’s episode, storming out of the cocktail party and demanding the camera guys leave her alone. (They didn’t, and we got a rare glimpse of the bunkbed dorm rooms the contestants sleep in. Very UnReal, just not as glamorous.)

Now Sian is blaming the producers for her on-screen meltdown.

“I needed them to give me time off camera and they refused,” she told the publication, saying producers plied her with booze and “came at” her with questions. (Women’s Day also at one point refers to being “verbally attacked” by producers.)

“I think they took it too far.”

During the episode, Sian eventually comes out of the bathroom to chat to Matty, who looks absolutely happy and just so stoked to be there.

Then during the rose ceremony, Matty paused and put a rose back down (unheard of), leaving us the cliffhanger of the week. An entire 24 hours later, and we find out that Matty asked Sian to speak outside – and what happened next was a bit baffling, tbh.

Sian: I want to leave.
Matty: I know why you’re feeling unsure about this and I agree, I don’t see anything happening between us.
Sian: Okay I’ll stay 🙂

The rose ceremony then continued, and Sian was cut anyway, which Women’s Day describe as “the ultimate betrayal”.

Sian said: “My issues were mainly to do with production, I’m not an idiot and I realised what was happening and I didn’t want to be part of it anymore – it started to feel unnatural.”

Oh, the reality  show where you pretend-date a total stranger in front of cameras, who is also dating your 15 closest roommates started to feel unnatural?

Oh yeah – and there was some drama with a stylist, who gave the dress Sian had been begging to wear for weeks to Florence for the cocktail party instead.

“I wasn’t upset at Flo but I was annoyed that the stylist had lied to me,” she said. “It pretty much went downhill after that, then Nat accidentally spilt red wine on my outfit, my makeup got ruined from crying and my eyelashes were coming off.”

The Bachelor refuted Sian’s claims that she was being purposefully boozed up for drama.

In a statement to PEDESTRIAN.TV, a spokesperson for Warner Bros said:

“Sian was drinking at the cocktail party, however we have crew with RSA licenses monitoring alcohol intake and tracking beverages throughout the evening to ensure there isn’t over consumption by anyone.”

You can read her full interview here.