Alex Nation Reminds Everyone To Chill If Matty J Doesn’t Pick Their Fave Tonight

Winner of last year’s Bachelor and all-round total legend Alex Nation has taken to Instagram prior to tonight’s Bachie finale to urge viewers to “be kind“, regardless of tonight’s outcome.

In a lengthy post (unusual for Nation), she called out “BACHshit crazy” viewers for being too quick to judge people on the reality TV show harshly, reminding her followers that online hate can really hurt.

Nation is no stranger to public scrutiny, and chose to share her considerable insight into the weird hall of mirrors that is reality TV and the online response thereof.

Quite rightly, she points out that everyone on The Bachelor is a real person who most likely has genuine feelings invested at this point; that everything you see is manipulated by producers to provide the juiciest narrative; and that trolling can have genuine consequences.

It’s bloody nice to see, particularly on RUOK Day. Come on mates: let’s all be a little kinder, even to blokes who inexplicably send home the most interesting person on the entire show.

Read the whole post here:

And we’ll see you on the other side of tonight’s Bachie finale. Remember: be kind.