Très Bien: The Season 3 Trailer For Emily In Paris Dropped & Emily Hasn’t Learned Anything

Grab your beret and gobble up several croissants because everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure, Emily in Paris, officially has a trailer for season three.

The trailer dropped early on Thursday morning (must’ve been uploaded to align with prime time in Paris) and featured a cheeky glimpse at what this third wave of Emily in Paris has in store.

What’s in the Emily in Paris trailer?

Lots of stuff.

The trailer opened with Emily (played by Lily Collins), chatting with her ride-or-die Mindy (Ashley Park) about how “practical” she has been her entire life.

If by “practical” she meant “a disastrous decision-maker” then yes, she has been incredibly practical.

We then copped some vision of the new marketing agency which the gang started after the chaotic Season Two finale.

Then, the re-acquainted couple of Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Camille (Camille Razat) made a brief cameo to stir the ever-brewing drama pot.

Lastly, and perhaps the sauciest detail of them all, was the return of British hunk-a-spunk Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) who reared his beautiful head once again. Spicy!

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When is Emily in Paris Season 3 coming out?

The release date is set for December 21 which will make for some delicious Christmas viewing.

I can very much picture myself binging the entire season while consuming my body weight in festive snackies and nibbles.

Where can you watch Emily in Paris Season 3?

All episodes of Season Three will be available on Netflix.

For any newbies or folks wanting to experience a bit of wanderlust, the first two seasons are also on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

In more good news for fans, Netflix recently renewed the series for season 4. Très bien!

What is going to happen in Emily in Paris Season 3?

On December 1, Lily Collins shared a bunch of stills to her personal Instagram which depicted scenes not shown in the trailer.

There was a shot of Emily drinking at a bar with both Gabriel and Alfie and another of Emily confronting Alfie and his luggage. Presumably she was trying to stop him from leaving or greeting him upon his return from London?

There’s also a shot of the entire gang (yes, all five of them) sharing a laugh.

This leads us to think there could be a small moment of peace between all the cheating, petty grievances and miscommunication.

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No matter how mad this series makes me, I’ll still keep coming back for more.

The quality of this dumpster fire is just too high to quit now.