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Emily in Paris, the show everyone loves (to take the piss out of), has kicked off production on season 2. I only have fond memories of the series that landed during lockdown last year, providing a lush, albeit dumb escape from the Year Inside. And while it infuriated the French, French critics, and one deep dish pizza joint in Chicago, Netflix knows a winner when it sees one and Emily in Paris season 1 was a winner. So, without further ado, here’s everything we know about Emily in Paris season 2.

When will Emily in Paris season 2 premiere in Australia?

Netflix hasn’t announced a global release date just yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

The hit series, written by Darren Star, premiered in October 2020 on Netflix so (COVID-willing) we might cop it around that same time this year.

Star brought us the likes of Sex and the City and Younger, so no one is remotely surprised people fell in love with Lily Collins living a wildly unrealistic life in France.

Just a month after Emily in Paris premiered, Netflix announced the renewal with a cute video of the cast.

The streaming giant even included a cheeky letter from Emily’s chic boss, Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) to the Chicago office, who confirmed Emily would need to stay in Paris “for an extended period of time.”

“Despite her overconfident manner and lack of prior experience in luxury marketing, she has nonetheless managed to charm some of our hard-to-impress clients during her short time at Savoir,” Sylvie wrote.

Can you imagine if life was that easy. Mon dieu.

Sylvie added that she hopes that by extending her time in Paris, Emily will delve deeper into French culture and “perhaps pick up a few words of basic French.”

Has Netflix released a trailer?

Not yet, but only because production recently kicked off. To celebrate, the streaming giant shared a video of the cast back on set.

Swipe away for *another* letter from Sylvie.

Fun fact: according to NetflixEmily in Paris is the streaming giant’s most popular comedy series of 2020, with a whopping 58 million fans.

The gossip mongers at Just Jared also got their hands on some paparazzi pictures of Collins in her season 2 outfits, which you can check out HERE.

Who’s returning for Emily in Paris season 2?

I mean, if that video from production says anything then it basically confirmed the entire main cast is coming back.

So that’s Lily Collins as Emily, Lucas Bravo as Gabriel, Ashley Park as Mindy, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie, Samuel Arnold as Julien, Camille Razat as Camille, and William Abadie as Antoine.

Emily in Paris.

Kate Walsh, who starred as Emily’s Chicago boss, is also listed to appear in season 2, episode 1, according to IMDb.

What will season 2 be about?

While we don’t know the official plot of Emily in Paris season 2 yet, Darren Star and the cast have hinted at what to expect.

Star told Oprah Daily that Emily will be “more of a part of the fabric of the world she’s living in.”

“She’ll be more of a resident of the city. She’ll have her feet on the ground a little more. She’s making a life there,” he said, which hopefully means Emily will stop being embarrassing.

Star also told Vanity Fair that he’s really keen to explore more of the supporting characters, like Sylvie.

“I think we’ve just scratched the surface of who she is and what makes her tick,” he said.

Lily Collins and Camille Razat in Emily in Paris.

Lucas Bravo, meanwhile, hinted at the relationship between Camille, Emily, and Gabriel.

“We planted a few seeds about different characters,” he told Cosmopolitan.

“Like Camille, when she kisses Emily on the mouth and she’s like, ‘I’m not sorry.’ And then when they’re in bed and I’m Liking the picture, it’s all little seeds. Anything could happen among the three of them. I think Darren wants this second season to be really open-minded.”

And Collins told Deadline that she hopes season 2 will explore Emily’s backstory.

“I’m excited to dive deeper into those back stories and spend more time intermingling the two groups of people that she meets,” Collins said, referring to Emily’s colleagues and people she met outside of work.

What was all the drama surrounding season 1?

Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

First came the French critics who pummelled the series for leaning too heavily on French clichés. To this day, my favourite critique of the series has to be from Senscritique, a culture website that wrote:

“[Emily in Paris] does not happen at all in Paris, but in the same city as Amélie Poulain [from the film Amélie], a kind of witness town where each street becomes picturesque without the slightest rubbish, with extras dressed in haute-couture and it only rains if Lily Collins is sad.”

It’s the “only rains if Lily Collins is sad” for me.

Then Chicago pizza joint, Lou Malnatis, called out Emily in Paris for dunking on its pizza during a pandemic.

My personal favourite kerfuffle, however, was when Lily Collins went on the record and said her character is 22 years old.

Twenty-two with a master’s degree and at least a mid-level marketing job that sent her to Paris. You love to see it.

Collins later corrected herself in an Instagram Story, sharing that while Emily isn’t 22, she certainly acts like it.

I bet Emily’s going to have a faux accent next season, I bet.

We’ll update this yarn as we learn more about Emily in Paris season 2. But in the meantime, you can watch season 1 on Netflix now.

Image: Netflix