We Regret To Inform You The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer Is Actually Fucken Sick

I refuse to think too hard about this. Just once – just this fucking once – I am allowing myself to enjoy the premise of a reheated 80s hit, a boomer legacy piece repackaged for a new generation. The jingoism, the valorisation of combat, the canned orchestral swells in place of cheesy lead guitar? Sure. Let it wash over me. I refuse to be cynical about Top Gun: Maverick. It looks sick. 

Is it the fact we simply don’t see non-CGI set pieces in blockbusters these days (with the exception of other films starring Tom Cruise)? Is it Ed Harris being Ed Harris? Is it the promise of another wink-and-a-nod beach sports scene? I don’t know, and I’m not going to investigate. Right now I feel one thing and one thing only, and it is this: NYEEEEEEOOOWWWWW BRRR-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT-AT WHOOOOOOSSSHHHHHHHH.

Top Gun: Maverick hits Australian screens on June 25, 2020.