Tom Hiddleston Talks About T-Swift In Oz Interview & Christ It’s Awkward

As you probably saw from the insane morning show fanfare, Tom Hiddleston landed in Australia late last week to accompanied by new girlfriend Taylor Swift

Tom is filming the new ‘Thor’ movie in Movieworld on the Gold Coast, and Tay Tay obvi was struggling to say goodbye at the airport so decided to come along and soak up the culture of sunny Queensland! Culture that she can see from the balcony of her very expensive penthouse, of course. 
Hiddleston, on the other hand, is leaving the apartment to train and film and so on, so he’s a bit more of a target for the buzzard-like news crews. 9 News got to him first over the weekend, and filmed an absolute cracker of a interview; it’s truly a piece of art. 
Not because it’s particularly insightful or even particularly funny, but because it’s one of the most bloody awkward interviews of all time
Hiddleston answers questions about the movie and being on set with diligence, but absolutely cracks when he gets asked about Taylor, or any question that has the words ‘your girlfriend’ in it. 
It’s as cringeworthy, if not more, as watching an episode of the UK ‘The Office’ – enjoy:
We didn’t think it was possible to ‘ummmmm’ that long, but here we are in this modern era of Hiddleswift – Loki proves us wrong.
Source: 9 News.