Timm Hanly Says Ciarran Was ‘Stitched Up’ By BIP Producers Who ‘Don’t Give A Fuck About Us’

Throughout the course of Bachelor In Paradise, punters low-key turned on Ciarran Stott, and look, it certainly didn’t help when his exes Renee Barrett and Kiki Morris exposed his fuckboi antics on a podcast yesterday.

Now, his bestie Timm Hanly has defended him in a spicy as hell interview with The Daily Telegraph.

Timm claims Ciarran was “stitched up” and encouraged by producers to get with a lotta girls in Paradise, which ultimately led to his downfall.

“They would encourage [Ciarran] to go after different girls,” Timm said. “They stitched him up.”

Ciarran Stott in Paradise. (Credit: Ten)

“They tried to get me to do it, I’m lucky I didn’t. They don’t give a fuck about us,” he added.

Timm described his experience on the show as “uncomfortable” and also revealed that there’s a top secret reason why he actually left Paradise early and I NEED details pls.

“It was rubbish editing and it was all planned. It was uncomfortable to be there,” he said.

“It wasn’t nice to be there, it wasn’t a nice holiday. It was fucked. I wish I could tell you how I really left but I’m not allowed to.”

Timm left BIP suddenly with then-GF Brittany Hockley.

Missing the spice of Bachelor In Paradise? Well you’re in luck, ‘cos The Bachelor kicks off this Wednesday at 7:30 on Ten and from what I’ve seen, we’re in for a treat.

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