Chase Hudson Kicks Off Teen Armageddon By Accusing TikTok’s Biggest Stars Of Bulk Infidelity

TikTok megastar Chase Hudson appears to have kicked off the mother of all social media dramas, accusing some of the platform’s biggest names of lying, cheating, and acting up behind the scenes.

“I’m not going to let these hypocrites ruin my life without their lives being on the internet too,” the 18-year-old said.

In a now-deleted tweet, Hudson, aka @LilHuddy, said he came under fire for kissing TikToker Nessa Barrett, 17, after his split from Charli D’Amelio, 16, back in April.

That kiss appears to have caused shockwaves among the tight-knit world of TikTok’s elite, whose collaborations, separations, and real-life beefs command millions of viewers every day.

Now, Hudson has returned fire, slamming some of the stars who orbit around Hype House and Sway House, two of the app’s most prominent collaborative groups, and D’Amelio, the de facto face of the app.

First there’s his claim that Anthony Reeves, 18, “got with” Hudson’s ex, Cynthia Parker, 15, after the US Lights Out Tour in 2019.

Reeves has soundly denied that claim.

Hudson alleged that Josh and Jaden – that’s Josh Richards, 18, and Jaden Hossler, 19 – cheated on their respective partners, Mads Lewis, 17, and Nessa Barrett.

He also claimed that Hossler “actively tried to hook up with” Dixie D’Amelio, Charli’s older sister, while she was dating Griffin Johnson, 21.

Reeves shot down those claims, too.

Hossler has responded to all of that, claiming that he and Hudson have talked it out.

He also called on fans to quit it with their bloodlust, showing the maturity behind his nineteen long years on Earth.

Richards is yet to issue a public response, after Hudson also accused him of incorrectly telling D’Amelio that Hudson had an STI.

“I am not sorry to Josh, we are not boys and we haven’t been boys since he lied to Charli,” Hudson wrote.

That’s only the half of it, with Hudson implicating Sway House personalities like Kio Cyr, 19, of contributing to this tangled knot of teenage chaos.

Of course, Charli D’Amelio has stepped in, too, chastising her ex for stirring shit in an apparent attempt to deflect from his own dramas.

Although Hudson has now nuked his original call-out, we’re yet to see if the drama is truly over. In any case, a fervent audience will be watching, waiting, and harbouring powerful grudges against some of the most famous teens on Earth.