Canadian Thomas Perras Is Probably, Most Likely The Person Kissing Megan

So way back before Bachelor in Paradise aired, an extended trailer was dangled before our very eyes. In it was a whole lotta  d r a m a  and our first openly bisexual contestant, Megan Marx. If you’ve been keeping up with all the episodes, you’ll know that when Megan first arrived on the island she told us she was open to a relationship from both women or men on the island. Pretty big deal for Aus’ commercial reality TV.

Here’s the ad below if you need a bit of a refresher.

So at the 42 second mark Elora and Megan pop up and you can hear the latter’s voice-over saying, “She’s absolutely gorgeous, she’s definitely my type of girl,” which is then followed by Megan making out with a person with long brown hair who we all assume to be Elora. Why? Because the next scene is Megan and Elora laying on a coupla pillows together and having a fab time. Editing 101.

Since the ad aired, many fans immediately started to ship Megan and Elora but as it turns out…

That is apparently not Elora’s luscious hair. It’s 33-year-old Canadian, Thomas Perras according to the team at The Sydney Morning Herald


The hair. 

Thomas is a carpenter and fashion model who has been featured by Calvin Klein, Wrangler Jeans, and Tommy Hilfiger. He’s also graced the pages of Vogue China and Esquire and he’s a Bachelor veteran.

Thomas first appeared on Canada’s Bachelorette season one which aired in 2016.

To add more fire to the flame, who else but Jake had a chat to Cosmopolitan a little while ago and also claimed the long-haired person was not Elora.

Q: You’ve said that Megan is not kissing Elora in that promo — so who is it?

A: I can’t tell you. I know I said I’d give you the goss, but I can’t tell you that. I think I just gave you the goss: it’s not Elora!

Thomas is said to be crashing the island in the coming weeks.

(Sorry Elora/Megan shippers.)