Here’s What Meghan Marx Eats To Maintain Her Ridiculously Poifect Rig

Meghan Marx is the latest lovelorn lady to arrive on the Bachie in Paradise island.

She was the fan favourite from Richie ‘Cool Bananas’ Strahan‘s season who infamously hoofed it, mid-rose ceremony, before beginning a relationship with fellow contestant, Tiffany Scanlon.

Her arrival on the horned-up, incestuous Fijian island is particularly exciting as she’s the first openly queer contestant.

She also (and I don’t know how to segue into this next point without sound like a creep, I’ve been trying to think of a way to phrase it for ten minutes now, and can’t, so I’ll just come out and say it) has an incredible rig.

With washboard abs, logic-defyingly long legs and more curves than a Coke bottle, she straight up belongs in Blurred Lines.

She clearly puts a fair bit of work into her figure, evident through the not-at-all-staged cycling, surfing and kayaking pics posted on her ‘gram. But what does she eat in order to achieve her flawless physique?

“To be honest, I ate at least two burgers a day [while in paradise],” Marx told myBodyandSoul.

Mi scusi?

That’s right, Marx legit reckons she ate burgers throughout the duration of her Bachie in Paradise stint.

Before you decide that’s excuse enough to ditch all kale-eating efforts entirely, Marx was quick to point out she doesn’t eat like that in the real world.

“I like to eat a lot of simple foods that will keep my gut healthy – lots of fresh vegetables, probiotic yogurt, eggs and meat.

“I make my own bread and pasta when I can…admittedly I love wine and cheese too, and that’s definitely a big part of my diet.”

In addition to eating a healthy, balanced diet, the 29-year-old fits in a fair few sweat sessions, too.

“I’m a huge fan of HIIT training, and I love doing weights. Honestly though, it’s different every week depending on where I am.”

So there you have it. Burgs and HIIT: a winning combination.