Here’s All The Wild But Subtle Plot Twists That You May Have Missed In Last Night’s White Lotus

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There’s so much going on in every single episode of The White Lotus Season Two that it’s easy to miss important details.

From the multitude of quirky characters with interweaving storylines to the dazzling Italian location to the general ~mysterious~ and ~intriguing~ vibes of it all. Each episode needs to be looked over with a fine-tooth comb to ascertain all the spicy plot points.

Episode Six “Abductions” was a perfect example of this as a lot of folks seem to have either missed or been kinda confused by the bonkers ending.

And trust me, there were sneaky reveals that you don’t want to miss!

The biggest one of all involves that photo of the two cowboys that Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) spots while partying with hot Italians.

Fans have been rather confused for some time about what the heck is going on with British bloke Quentin (Tom Hollander) who quickly took a shine to Tanya and has been giving off weird energy ever since.

The dude even set her up with a man from the Italian mob which seemed kinda suss.

Welp, ya know those two cowboys in the photo?

One of them was a young Quentin and the other one is a younger version of none other than Tanya’s hubby Greg (Jon Gries).

Meaning her husband is supposedly gay, hence why he never wants to have sex with her, and the affair he’s having is with Quentin.



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With Jack (Leo Woodall) drunkenly revealing that his “uncle” is broke, the going theory is that Greg and Quentin are working together to steal Tanya’s money.

How do they plan on doing this?

Well, eagle-eyed fans noticed that there was a camera in the room where Tanya and the Italian mobster were about to have sex.

The theory is that Quentin set Tanya up with the mobster and plans to film them rooting to negate the prenup Greg signed.

Fans reckon Jack was enlisted by his uncle to take Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) away from the villa so shit could go down.

She is Tanya’s protector, after all.

Didn’t ya think it was suss that Jack insisted on paying for an exxy hotel room in town with his uncle’s credit card while admitting that his uncle is broke?

The whole thing is a total stitch-up and I need my girl Tanya to run. RUNNNNNN.

Will Tanya be the body floating in the ocean at the end? I sure as shit hope not, because if Tanya’s not back for The White Lotus Season Three, we riot.

Speaking of Season Three, check out the dream cast list that the internet has pulled together, featuring Kim Cattrall as Tanya’s sis. Very into it.

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