Just Gonna Say It: 7 Days At White Lotus Isn’t Nearly Enough & I Hope We Get Upgraded Next Year

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Welp, it’s over. Pack your swimmers and assorted souvenirs into your suitcase, say your final goodbyes to your holiday fling, settle your bar tab and be at the check-out desk by 1pm sharp because The White Lotus Season Two is officially over.

But it feels like our stay at the lush Italian resort was cut a little short, doesn’t it?

That’s ‘cos it kinda was.

This season we only copped seven episodes of madness, which was a step up from last year’s six episodes, but still… what gives?

Me begrudgingly making my way to the check-out desk.

It’s positively criminal of The White Lotus writers to tee up this brilliant story, make us go and fall in love with the characters and get us hooked on this addictive journey, only to send us packing after just seven episodes.

I know the whole vibe is that it’s a fleeting miniseries but COME ON. Most miniseries are 10 to 13 episodes as opposed to the 20 to 23 episode-seasons we cop from regular shows.

I wouldn’t say the season felt rushed or anything, it certainly moves at a speedy pace but that’s part of its charm.

All I’m saying is that I’m not ready to say goodbye to the kooky characters and to have the story wrap up so soon.

If only there were six more episodes to bring us to a total of 13 episodes.

It’s rumoured that the brains behind the show are already hard at work on The White Lotus Season Three.

Deuxmoi recently spilled the potential location as well as two returning cast members (have a read of the spicy IG Stories if you’re keen on a spoiler or two).

Which is why I’m writing this in the hopes that the powers that be see my request and upgrade our next stay at The White Lotus from six to seven days up to 10 to 13 days.


The White Lotus Season Two concludes this arvo at 1pm on BINGE and Foxtel.