The Project Accidentally Showed A Clip Containing An F-Bomb & The Hosts Absolutely Lost It

The Project dropped yet another F-bomb tonight, that left Lisa Wilkinson in absolute hysterics.

This is the second F-bomb after last month, when Christine Anu dropped one in a live interview while discussing her eviction from The Masked Singer.

On The Project Tommy Little introduces the heart-warming story of NRL rookie Cody Ramsey’s first game. Ramsey’s mum Kim Stojanov became emotional in the most adorable way talking about her sons achievements.

“Beautiful words, Wilko? From a mum just so proud of her son,” Little said to Wilkinson.

However, once the game started you could see footage of Stojanov in the stands yelling “Fuck off.” Although you couldn’t hear it, you didn’t really need to sound to figure it out.

“I believe she said it was a ‘fair call’,” Little said.

Wilkinson then completely loses it on air, as she clearly wasn’t expecting it.

Watch the episode on 10play here.