The ‘F-Bomb’ Is Now In The Dictionary

The Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary just dropped the f-bomb – into its pages! Defined as “the word fuck -used metaphorically as a euphemism, the expression first came into existence in a 1988 in a Newsday article quoting a baseball player’s sweary rampage in the locker room after a game, and polite people and censored media outlets have been using it ever since!

F-bomb is one of 100 new additions that Merriam-Webster has included in the most recent revised edition, with ‘man cave’, ‘gastropub’ and ‘bucket list’ also joining the ever-evolving A-Z.

While traditional linguists will be aghast about the f-bomb’s official vocabulary status, the fact is language is a fluid entity that should reflect the populist vernacular. And if you think otherwise: OMG don’t make me LOL! <3 Do remember, however, that ‘f-bomb’ is just one of several variations of how the ‘F’ word can be expressed. Sometimes it’s hard to beat the real thing…

Via Associated Press