The Port Arthur Movie Guy Is Pissed About Copping It On ‘The Project’

The bloke behind the controversial upcoming movie about the Port Arthur massacre has taken to Facebook to bash out a few strong words about his interview on The Project on Monday night.
Paul Moder, the writer and director of the movie that it seems no one wants him to make, was given a straight up grilling by Carrie Bickmore and Waleed Aly over his sceptical stance on the events of the massacre.
Even before it had aired, Paul was pretty pissed:
Moder has been very cagey about his views on what happened but he has repeatedly referred to an “agenda” in terms of the established narrative which seems to suggest he reckons it’s some sort of cover up or false flag. 
A quick squiz at his Facebook comments gives a pretty good idea of the sort of crowd he’s dealing with:
Time will only tell if the movie will upset more people for being a graphic depiction of a still quite upsetting incident in Australian history or for implying that ASIO did it so that Howard could take all the guns away.
Photo: Facebook.