WATCH: Waleed Aly Heaped With Praise On ‘The Project’, Remains Humble Legend

Whichever Channel 10 exec was responsible for getting Waleed Aly on board for The Project must be suffering from a severe case of the self-congratulatories right now.

Waleed’s epic piece on ISIL went gangbusters viral, reaching (at the time of writing) over 21 million people around the world. PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s own post about it became one of our most-shared of all time. Waleed Aly, who so often gets it bang-on point, absolutely nailed this one.

And when it came time to discuss this ~ VIRAL SENSATION ~, The Project had the best platform with which to do it.

“It’s reached 16 million people around the world* and it’s become quite the phenomenon,” The Project’s co-host Peter Helliar said on last night’s episode. “And I know, Waleed, that you’re uncomfortable with us bringing it up because this is not the reason you did it, to go viral.”

“But it is a good thing this time because it means a message is getting out and what’s really cool about it is it’s the right message, and the way our audience and people around the world have responded to it – I think it’s phenomenal.”


“It reached the U.S., the U.K., and Canada,” said Carrie Bickmore, also heaping on the well-deserved praise. “15% of the conversations were happening in the U.S.A.. I mean, that is incredible.” 
She also casually dropped in that Waleed had been texting her every hour – “Another million views, another million views” – and brought to our attention this absolute treasure of a tweet:

Waleed, as ever, remained the epitome of humble. “There is nothing left to achieve,” he said, while probably already planning his next good deed for humanity.

Watch the episode HERE, and skip to the 24:20 mark if you want to get straight into it.

*The stats from this morning at 21 million views, not 16 million.

Images: The Project.