WATCH: Waleed Goes In On Producer Who Implies Port Arthur Was A Conspiracy

The producer and writer of a controversial upcoming movie about the Port Arthur massacre has made a heated appearance on The Project, after the cast grilled him over his scepticism regarding Martin Bryant‘s role in the mass shooting.
Paul Moder has been facing backlash over his decision to push ahead with the film after he failed to get the support of any of the survivors or victims’ families or the Port Arthur community.
Waleed Aly began by asking about a line on Moder’s website where he referred to Martin Bryant’s “alleged” crimes – despite the fact that Bryant was convicted after confessing. Moder, however, is not convinced:
“Writing this script was the most torturous thing I’ve ever done, principally because there is so much misinformation, so much controversy and conspiracy and spurious agenda that it was very hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.”
Moder said that he wanted to avoid calling them “conspiracy theories” but cited the lack of fingerprints or ballistics evidence as reasons to question Bryant’s guilt. But, as Aly points out, no evidence was presented because Bryant’s confession meant no evidence needed to be presented before the court.
Moder blamed an “agenda” for resistance he was facing in making the movie, quite possibly referring to the pretty bizarre (and immediately obviously wrong) theory that ASIO staged the massacre to allow Howard to do the gun buyback.
Watch as Waleed delivers an incredibly deserved smackdown:
Source and photo: Facebook.